WhiteHills® Neck Support Memory Pillow for Sleep

Size: 62*38*13cm
Sale price$89.70


Memory foam sleep pillow for neck fatigue
High-quality memory foam combined with professional modern technology ensures that the memory foam pillow is of high purity, well-made, no odor, full of elasticity, and durable.

The skin-friendly and velvet outer pillowcase is very soft, moderately thick, very comfortable and convenient.

Versatile Classic Design

The neck pillow has an ergonomic low and high side design so you can always find the right height for your body. Cervical and shoulder pillows can fully help you relieve neck/head/back fatigue, ensuring a good sleep and full of energy every day.

This Contour Pillow is a standard size in a soft memory foam pillowcase to get you into your dreams fast.

Product Specifications

Pillow Dimensions: L 62 cm x W 38 cm x H 13 cm

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