lumbar pillow Big Back Support Bedside Chair Cushion Lounger Reading Pillow for Tatami

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  • 60cm Small Headrest + Waist Support (Suitable for Bedside Sofa)
  • ★Material: The tough raw material is made of elastic fiber and filled with PP cotton, which has high bulkiness, softness and comfort, durability and good resilience
    ★ Advantages feel comfortable; convenient and fast; multi-speed, multi-speed
    ★ Multi-faceted support: This bed and sofa are triangular in shape and can be used with different pillows; customers are also suitable for raising and very high on special beds or sofas; it is suitable for people who need to support their legs
    ★Designed to fit: Durable with comfortable design and child-specific cushion and padding material; smooth skin with super soft touch for best velvet cover and fluffy surface
    ★ Easy-to-clean back pillow or practical sleepable back pillow or pillowcase, ideal for sleeping pillows, pillow sleeping, small sofa chairs for office rest, ideal for sitting and resting, travel naps, student study, pregnancy and breastfeeding, etc.

    I always have back pain from sitting for a long time. Our soft mattress can solve this problem. This cushion is ergonomically designed for pain relief. Cushion pillows gently support our shoulders, back, waist, improve the torso and body, so you can always maintain the best upright posture when reading in bed or on the sofa, enjoy your leisure reading and entertainment!

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