Neck pillow Cotton Support U-Shaped 48*74CM

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★Patented particle material, brand new super Q bomb 

★Perfect fit for everyone's head shape 

★Washable! Super good to keep clean and effectively reduce allergies

      If you want to have a good sleep quality, comfortable bedding is one of the must-haves. We recommend this independent pillow. The source of raw materials is clear to make you feel more at ease. The pillow surface is made of 3M elastic porous and breathable mesh. Sweat-wicking fabric, breathable and not stuffy, there is a support area for the cervical vertebrae, the weight distribution is dense, whether you are lying on your back or sleeping on your side, the support force can effectively support the shoulders and neck to achieve seamless support and obedience. One pillow is multi-purpose to meet your various needs. The time-consuming and labor-intensive production process will make you fall asleep unconsciously; such a good quality is definitely suitable for you who value the quality of life, allowing you to fully relieve the tension in your sleep. shoulders and neck, sleep sweetly.

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